What are the causes of back pain?

Spine pain annoys every human being. From young people, through adults, to advanced ages. Sometimes it is temporary or else long-term. Once it is delicate and we feel only a kind of prick and after a while we forget about it. However, it often happens that the pain is so intense that you can not get up. The etiology of spine pain is different in each person. Therefore, treatment therapy should be adjusted individually for each patient.

In children, a bad influence on the occurrence of spine pain has a poor sitting position, as well as a long time spent in this position. Through long-term sitting first at school, then at home with homework or at the computer are weakened postural muscles that protect our spine from pain and the occurrence of spinal defects. A great influence on the reduction of muscle tonus nowadays has very low physical activity of children. Children rarely play sports, and more often they are released even from physical education classes. This combination of two causes is only water on the mill for the emergence of severely reversible defects of the spine, by which the occurrence of pain.

In mature people who work professionally, the etiology of pain is much more varied and depends on the specifics of a person’s work. In people working in a sitting position, the cause and effect chain develops as in children. That is, through prolonged sitting lowering muscle tone, which reduces the stability of the spine and the possibility of pain. The seat on inconvenient chairs for the spine and also the unergonomic work places have a big impact. People who work in a sitting position should after work have increased physical activity to stimulate the muscles to act. But unfortunately this is a very rare situation.
People who are physically working with spine pain are lurking at every turn. It is enough to lift even a light weight in a bad position and the problem may appear at this moment. A very common cause for this grape is people who work in uncomfortable and monotonous positions. By this situation, one part of the spine is more developed than the other, which may cause disproportion in the spine’s position, and then pain.
In the elderly, the most common cause of pain is osteoarthritis. Another reason for the occurrence of pain are the post-overload states, the earlier work and after the cessation of the spine has a problem with adapting to the new situation. The problem with older people is also low physical activity. Older people, when they retire, often sit at home in front of the TV and rarely leave their apartments.
Regardless of the age group you represent, there are reasons that age does not affect.
Such causes are accidents and injuries that did not necessarily directly affect the spine. The injuries of peripheral joints also have indirect effects on back pains. Another indirect influence on spine pain can be internal organ diseases, chronic inflammation, and neoplasms. Chronic catarrh, for example, puts a lot of pressure on the cervical spine, which may cause headaches of the neck, as well as dizziness.
There are also back pains whose reason is undetermined. Therefore, rehabilitation and treatment are very complicated. Treatment in such cases usually ends with the administration of pharmacological agents.
Take care of our spines, because prevention is the most important thing.

author: mgr Krzysztof Pielecki

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