MISSING TEETH- what is the best way to refill?


Many people struggle with the problem of missing one or more teeth. This is often quite an embarrassing affair as it is often the front section that is often visible to others when we speak or smile.

Injury or disease of the tooth or periodontium make us lose our teeth. However, it should be remembered that the missing tooth in the anterior or posterior region should be replaced. This is related not only to aesthetic reasons, it is also important that the neighboring and opposing teeth move over time.

This often causes a number of bite disorders, which may increase over time and be a greater problem for us. Therefore, after losing a tooth, you should think about restoring the missing tooth.

The best solution, if there are conditions for it, is a tooth implant. A root made of a biocompatible material and a crown that together can restore functions after a lost tooth. If the conditions do not allow it – there are contraindications for implantation – then we can choose an adhesive bridge or a bridge made of biocompatible materials, friendly to our tissues and highly aesthetic.

Then the aesthetics and function feel perfect, and the rest of the teeth can be in harmony. It is best to adapt the solution individually to a given case. Therefore, a consultation visit is important, where you can discuss all the pros and cons of a given method and then enjoy the comfort of the chosen solution.



author: lek.dent. K. Zawadzka

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