Ideal Location

We are located in the center of Kołobrzeg

The unique climate

Nice atmosphere and professional service make anyone feel with us exceptionally well

The smile is important to us

Our experts take care of every smile and satisfaction of our patients

Clinic Sorea is a unique, modern medical-aesthetic clinic offers dental services, massage, cosmetology, podology, neurology and aestetic medicine at the highest level.

Modern dentistry
Beautiful and healthy teeth thanks to the use of modern treatment techniques and equipment in a stress-free atmosphere.
Visit to the office will take care of the condition of the skin, improve facial features and prevent the effects of aging.
Caring for beauty possible in every inch: eyelash extensions, nail care, treatments improving and revitalizing face skin condition.

Neurology/ Aesthetic Medicine
Diagnostics and treatment of neurological diseases. Aesthetic medicine treatments performed by a qualified doctor.

Reviews our patients

When I visited the clinic a couple of years ago, I had a big problem with my teeth, and I also felt a fear of visiting a bad childhood memory – accurate diagnosis and treatment made the tooth manage to save. The doctor explained everything to me, since then I have full confidence in her, always feel good here, always painless visit. And my son likes to come with me, he is not afraid of the dentist and knows how to take care of the teeth. Thank you.

Dr. Kasia is a very good specialist, professional, good equipment and positive attitude to the patient. Always without pain and convenient appointments. I recommend.
Anna, Kołobrzeg

Professional approach to the patient.
Phenomenal effects, a very modern office.
I highly recommend and encourage everyone to visit.


I went to the Clinic of Dr. Zawadzka with the problem of my one and the front teeth. At the moment I have a beautiful Hollywood smile. Zero stress, no pain. 100% professionalism. 100% satisfaction. Thank you, Kasia. I sincerely recommend!
Wiktoria M.

I highly recommend! I am delighted with the salon, professional service and result. The eyebrows and lines are perfect, perfected every hair. I wish I had not found Mrs Alice earlier because I would save many hours and nerves to make eyebrows.

Greeting to Doctor Dentist! I am very happy with implanted implants. Thanks to them I can eat everything and smile every day. Affordable prices and unusual approach.
Henryk, Kiel

As soon as I got to Alicia, I immediately liked her work, the results immediately visible, and doing my first permanent makeup eyebrows I had a comparison – after the treatment of Mrs. Alice: naturally, beautifully, minimal wounds and quick healing. Worth recommending.

I recommend this dentist office, dreams of healthy and beautiful teeth come true.
Agnieszka B.

BRUXSISM- What is it and how to treat it?

  BRUXSISM- What is it and how to treat it?   Bruxism is a disease that affects more and more people in recent times.Many of them are unaware that their jaws and jaws rub at night most often during sleep. In the morning, they may wake up with a headache or...

Missing teeth – what is the best way to refill?

MISSING TEETH- what is the best way to refill?   Many people struggle with the problem of missing one or more teeth. This is often quite an embarrassing affair as it is often the front section that is often visible to others when we speak or smile. Injury or...

CLEAR ALIGNER- A modern method of correction of malocclusion.

CLEAR ALIGNER- A modern method of correction of malocclusion. Clear Aligner is an innovative method for correcting malocclusion with transparent caps. They are made of a transparent, biocompatible material. Their surface is smooth, the treatment is painless and very...

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