BRUXSISM- What is it and how to treat it?


Bruxism is a disease that affects more and more people in recent times.
Many of them are unaware that their jaws and jaws rub at night most often during sleep. In the morning, they may wake up with a headache or over-tense facial muscles.

This may be associated with great discomfort and a feeling of lower energy in the morning. In addition, the tooth enamel wears off and numerous, often unsightly changes may occur.
This can apply to both children and adults. Teeth grinding may be combined with clenching. People who grit their teeth may also do so during the day.
The causes of bruxism:
* stress, excess of stimuli,
* excessive sensitivity and stimulation of the nervous system,
* malocclusion,
* parasitic infection.
Treatment of bruxism:It is extremely important to diagnose, detect the cause and realize that such a problem is happening to us.
When carrying out the examination, the dentist may suggest additional diagnostics and recommend muscle exercises. It is possible to treat with special protective and relieving splints, and in some cases botulinum therapy for the masseter muscles may also be used.

author: lek.dent. Katarzyna Zawadzka


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