VENEERS- 10 things you should know:

1.Dental veneer is a thin plate mounted on the front surface of the tooth,

2.It can be made of ceramics or a composite material,

3.Thanks to it you can get an improvement in the appearance of the teeth: change their shape, extend, shorten, align,

4.Thanks to it you can get whiter teeth color,

5.Tooth don’t need a root canal treatment to make a veneer,

6.Durability of the color and shape of the veneer depends on the material it is made of, ceramics is a durable material with great aesthetics,

7.Veneer minimizes the area of intervention in tooth enamel,

8.In some cases they are a great alternative to orthodontic treatment,

9.Sometimes the tooth does not have to be grind to put on a veneer,

10.The cost of a veneer depends on its type, the cost of a porcelain veneer is often lower than a full ceramic crown.

author: lek.dent.Katarzyna Zawadzka

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