CLEAR ALIGNERA modern method of correction of malocclusion.

Clear Aligner is an innovative method for correcting malocclusion with transparent caps. They are made of a transparent, biocompatible material.

Their surface is smooth, the treatment is painless and very well tolerated by patients. Overlays are replaced every 3 weeks.
They should be worn about 22 hours / day.
The pads can be removed for eating as well as for brushing teeth, thanks to which the Clear Aligner system ensures comfort and good oral hygiene.
Overlays do not irritate the tongue and gums, the shape of the mouth is unchanged.
They are practically invisible which makes the aesthetic effect of this method very good.
The duration of treatment compared to traditional fixed appliances is much shorter. This method is successfully used to treat 85% of all malocclusion in people with permanent dentition.
In many cases, the cost of treatment is cheaper compared to treatment with a fixed orthodontic appliance.

The course of treatment:

1. Consultation – on this visit, the doctor determines the possibility of applying the Clear Aligner overlay treatment. If so, then pantographs and impressions are taken for computer analysis and models.
2. Plan and costs of treatment – on this visit the doctor presents a treatment plan, approximate time and cost.
3. Treatment: the patient receives a set of caps with three degrees of thickness: soft, medium and hard. After 3 weeks, the doctor takes impressions to make new overlays.
4. Consolidation of results: a retainer is made to fix the new position of the teeth.

Advantages of Clear Aligner:

  • high aesthetics (rails are virtually invisible),
  • shortened treatment time (compared to a fixed orthodontic appliance),
  • the treatment is painless, non-invasive,
  • prevention of caries and other ailments due to possible good oral hygiene (the splint can be removed for brushing teeth),
  • comfort of use by patients.

author: lek.dent.Katarzyna Zawadzka

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