Dental microscope – a modern look at the treatment of teeth.
Nowadays, technology can better help us maintain health and treat various ailments, including teeth.
The highest quality pure image obtained thanks to the Leica optical system with LED light allows you to see the smallest details. This positively affects the diagnosis, treatment and long-term effects of treatment.

This quality translates into the quality of treatment. The use of modern instruments and microscope makes dental treatment may in some cases require fewer visits. Long-term treatment effects in this group are also better.

Accuracy and precision make the use of the microscope wider and wider in dentistry. Its application is endodontics (root canal treatment), prosthetics (performing veneers and other prosthetic works), conservative treatment and others.

Patients feel more confident, root canal treatment associated so far with pain and frequent visits turns into a treatment process that is felt more comfortable.

High-quality imaging technology is an innovation that is extremely necessary for maintaining healthy teeth and effective treatment.
author: lek.dent.Katarzyna Zawadzka

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