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Professional teeth cleaning (scaling + sandblasting) + fluoridation= 250 PLN

Cosmetology & Podology:



  Full smile Implants are a modern option for the reproduction of full and aesthetic dentition. The problem of the lack of a single or several teeth affects more and more people of all ages. Thanks to modern implantology, we can in many cases, under local...

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VENEERS- 10 things you should know.

  VENEERS- 10 things you should know: 1.Dental veneer is a thin plate mounted on the front surface of the tooth, 2.It can be made of ceramics or a composite material, 3.Thanks to it you can get an improvement in the appearance of the teeth: change their shape,...

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  What are the causes of back pain? Spine pain annoys every human being. From young people, through adults, to advanced ages. Sometimes it is temporary or else long-term. Once it is delicate and we feel only a kind of prick and after a while we forget about it....

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PERMANENT EYEBROW MAKEUP – which method to choose?

  Permanent eyebrow makeup - which method to choose?   Hair method of eyebrow pigmentation in the most natural way imitates the hair, thanks to which you can subtly compact the eyebrows, correct their shape or perform their complete reconstruction, eg in...

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