Permanent eyebrow makeup – which method to choose?
Hair method of eyebrow pigmentation in the most natural way imitates the hair, thanks to which you can subtly compact the eyebrows, correct their shape or perform their complete reconstruction, eg in people after chemotherapy.

Thanks to the use of this method, you can achieve an effect similar to natural Italian hair.

The color of the pigment is selected individually so that it can harmonize with the female beauty – from delicate blondes to dark, intense shades.
For supporters of more pronounced eyebrows, so-called combined method. To achieve a more pronounced effect of the make-up between the hairs, we additionally make the shade so that the eyebrows appear even thicker and darker.

Before the treatment, it is worth taking care of the condition of the skin in the area subjected to pigmentation in order to obtain a nicer and more lasting effect.

You can perform microdermabrasion or gentle peels that will help to exfoliate dead skin and you should take care of skin hydration. Exfoliating treatments should be performed at least a week before micropigmentation.
author: linergistka Alicja Kulczyńska

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